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Garden Center Connect provide FREE high performance touchscreens designed specifically for use in garden centres and nurseries.



Just some of the benefits of Garden Center Connect include:

  • Screens installed with brand colours & identity.

  • Ability to browse bespoke websites, catalogues or menus.

  • We produce & design corporate showreel, inc. Information & promotional offers.

  • Customers can contact specific email address directly.

  • Simple plug-and-play technology. (Internet connection required) 


Garden Center Connect is a fully managed system - that means we take care of everything, from the creation of engaging video content to the installation & maintenance of the system.

Brand identity

Your screens can be installed with your brand identity applied to them.

Our in house design team will prepare a design fitting within your brand guidelines & submitted for your approval.

Once the design has been agreed, your custom visuals will be applied to the screen, giving a completely tailored appearance to your screen.

Garden Center Connect gives your clients a direct portal to your website. This will enable them to browse for products & solutions, order products online & check stock levels at branch level or regionally at other sites. 

There will also be a bespoke “Contact Us” email address, enabling customers to apply for new accounts, general enquiries & feedback.



We design all aspects of the content that is displayed on-screen. 

We can design elements of your corporate showreel such as:

  • Manager’s specials

  • Promotional product offers

  • Branding & site identity 

  • Corporate events or offers

Running alongside your company level branding & communication, there will be national & regional sponsorship. The sponsors will appear in-between company content.


This sponsorship allows all the setup & running costs of screens to be FREE to the site or company.

Garden Center Connect is a fully managed system we take care of everything installation & maintenance of the system.

Our team is composed of professionals in their field of expertise, from IT, infrastructure & security through to award winning video, motion & graphic designers. 

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